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Augmented Report features research and resources for augmented reality projects.
Here you can find information on hardware, software, developers, project managers, artists, and consultants to make your augmented reality projects a success.
At Augmented Report will also explore the implications of a fully augmented reality.
Augmented reality is inseparable from the virtual world topic we have documented for over 3 years as the Virtual World SIG.
Expect to find leaders in the field, insight, and new connections as we explore the augmented future.

Dekko: The Real World as the Operating System

Dekko’s visual layer takes us from Serious Games inside mobile devices to Serious Games running in the real world. Related post: Google Glass Version Of Serious Games

USPS Augmented Reality App

AR - IKEA 2013 Catalogue

Vuforia: Augmented Reality For An Entirely Different Experience Live At CES 2013

Augmented Reality App makes furniture come to life - DLD 2013


MindSpace introduces Imaginality, which brings learning to life using Augmented Reality. Hold virtual, 3D, learning objects in the palm of your hand, use a variety of fun, engaging interactive experiences, or create your own and share them with the world for free.


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